Sydney Roosters 2017 Preview

  • Signings & Losses
  • Player Rankings
  • Strongest 17
  • Close Results Record
  • The Professor’s Prediction
  • Your Prediction

Signings & Losses

Signings: Luke Keary (South Sydney – FE), Michael Gordon (Parramatta – FB), Paul Carter (South Sydney – SR), Liam Knight (Manly – P), Zane Tetevano (Off Contract – P), Mitch Cornish (Parramatta – HB), Brock Gray (South Sydney – P)

No big name signings for the Eastern Suburbs club but some very shrewd acquisitions from Trent Robinson. The Professor is impressed with the Roosters signings on a shoestring budget. Luke Keary is the biggest name of the lot and should slot straight into the five-eight role to partner Pearce. Gordon provides the Roosters with a top class goalkicker which they were severely missing in 2016 with *% losses by 6 points or less in 2016. Not only this but he will provide young Latrell Mitchell with guidance from the back. The troublesome threesome of Carter, Knight, and Tetevano join a club that hasn’t been adverse from misbehavior previously. All have great potential but it will be off the field Robinson will need to get them on the straight and narrow.

Losses: Jackson Hastings (Manly – HB), Sam Moa (ESL – P), Vincent Leuluai (Melbourne – SR), Ian Henderson (Retired – HK)

Hastings started the year with rave reviews starring alongside Jayden Nikorima in the halves at the World Club Series and from there it was all downhill with both youngsters finding themselves in NSW Cup by season’s end. A junior sensation Hastings who just didn’t make the grade and his attitude stank from all reports – Robinson will be happy to of got rid of him. Leuluai, on the other hand, is a star in the making Robinson would’ve wanted to stay. Bellamy will find it hard to keep him out of the 17. Moa returns to the Super League having established himself as a New Zealand rep during his time at the Roosters.


Player Rankings

Player Age 2016 Position 2016 Games Played 2016 Position Rank
Shaun Kenny-Dowall 29 C 19 5
Blake Ferguson 27 C 22 9
Dale Copley 26 C 14 22
Paul Momirovski 21 C DNP DNP
Michael Gordon 34 FB 24 14
Latrell Mitchell 20 FB 24 20
Connor Watson 21 FE 16 13
Luke Keary 25 FE 17 18
Ryan Matterson 23 FE 15 20
Jayden Nikorima 21 FE 7 26
Mitchell Pearce 28 HB 12 5
Mitchell Cornish 24 HB DNP DNP
Jake Friend 27 HK 24 2
Grant Garvey 21 HK 1 43
Isaac Liu 26 LK 22 15
Nat Butcher 20 LK 1 24
Chris Smith 23 LK 1 25
Dylan Napa 25 P 23 9
Jared Waerea-Hargreaves 28 P 14 13
Kane Evans 25 P 23 53
Eloni Vunakece 30 P 9 85
Lindsay Collins 21 P DNP DNP
Poasa Faamausili 21 P DNP DNP
Shaquai Mitchell 21 P DNP DNP
Boyd Cordner 25 SR 12 1
Sio Siua Taukeiaho 25 SR 20 9
Aidan Guerra 29 SR 21 14
Paul Carter 25 SR 12 34
Mitchell Aubusson 30 SR 22 41
Liam Knight 22 SR 1 87
Brock Gray 21 SR DNP DNP
Reuben Porter 20 SR DNP DNP
Zane Tetevano 27 SR DNP DNP
Daniel Tupou 26 W 21 27
Joseph Manu 21 W 3 54
Johnny Tuivasa-Sheck 21 W DNP DNP


Strongest 17

1. Michael Gordon
2. Daniel Tupou
3. Latrell Mitchell
4. Blake Ferguson
5. Shaun Kenny-Dowall
6. Luke Keary
7. Mitchell Pearce
8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
9. Jake Friend
10. Dylan Napa
11. Boyd Cordner
12. Sio Siua Taukeiaho
13. Isaac Liu

14. Kane Evans
15. Aidan Guerra
16. Paul Carter
17. Mitchell Aubusson

Close Results Record

Wins: 0

Losses: 8

The Professor’s Prediction

The eastern suburbs club had a difficult 2016 both on and off the field seeing them drop to 2nd last on the ladder. The Roosters had a terrible close results record last year where they lost 8 games by 6 points or less while managing to win zero by less than 6 points. Had they won more than half of those matches they would’ve been in with a shot at the finals.

The loss of Maloney and RTS along with Pearce, Cordner and JWH missing the opening rounds meant the Roosters were always going to struggle from the outset last season. The young and inexperienced Latrell Mitchell and Jackson Hastings were given the task of steering the team around the park with little success. Trent Robinson has realised his mistake and has recruited Michael Gordon and Luke Keary who will start at fullback and five-eight respectively.

If the Roosters can manage to keep key players on the park week-to-week they will fly up the ladder. The Professor is impressed with Trent Robinson’s recruitment and expects them to be the biggest improvers in the league. Top 4 isn’t out of the question.

Did I mention the Roosters now have a renowned goal kicker in their ranks? Those close game losses should turn into wins in 2017.

Verdict – 5th

Your Prediction

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