South Sydney Rabbitohs 2017 Preview

  • Signings & Losses
  • Player Rankings
  • Strongest 17
  • Close Results Record
  • The Professor’s Prediction
  • Your Prediction

Signings & Losses

Signings: Robbie Farah (Wests – HK), Robbie Rochow (Newcastle – SR), Luke Kelly (Parramatta – HB), Braidon Burns (Penrith – C), Anthony Cherrington (Free Agent – SR), Robert Jennings (Penrith – C), Tyrell Fuimaono (Parramatta – C), Connor Treacy (Cronulla – HB)

One representative hooker, one injury riddled second-rower, two fringe first graders, and four NRL rookies. The Rabbitohs recruitment drive has seen them sign some outstanding potential while gaining one of the best hookers of the past 10 years.

Robbie Farah leaves his beloved Tigers having fallen out of favor with the coach and will be looking to show him the talent in which he has lost. His signing makes for one of the star-studded spine along with Inglis, Walker & Reynolds.

With just 13 games in the last 2 seasons, Robbie Rochow will be hoping his injury woes are behind him. Turning 27 this year The Professor doesn’t think we’ve seen the best of him yet. Primed for a big 2017.

Burns, Jennings, Fuimaono and Treacy are recruits with one eye on the future. All four turn 21 in 2017 and will be fighting it out in NSW Cup. Treacy will sit on the sidelines for the season requiring a knee reconstruction – his third in as many years.

Losses: Cameron McInnes (St George – HK), Luke Keary (Sydney – FE), Paul Carter (Sydney – SR), Kirisome Auva’a (Parramatta – C), Nathan Brown (Parramatta – P), Joe Burgess (ESL – W), Michael Oldfield (Penrith – W)

The Rabbitohs have lost some great talent in which they have established in their lower grades. Keary, Auva’a, McInnes and Brown all made a name for themselves and advanced their careers thanks to the club.

Auva’a and Carter leave having had their contracts terminated for misconduct while Keary reportingly had a falling out with owner Russell Crowe. From the outside looking in the departures of these players could be a boost to the culture around the Rabbitohs.

Nathan Brown loss will be hardest felt having had a big 2016 and earning himself a City jersey in the process.

Player Rankings

Player Age 2016 Position 2016 Games Played 2016 Position Rank
Bryson Goodwin 32 C 13 8
Hymel Hunt 24 C 13 34
Dane Nielsen 32 C 7 35
Braidon Burns 21 C DNP DNP
Robert Jennings 21 C DNP DNP
Tyrell Fuimaono 21 C DNP DNP
Greg Inglis 30 FB 20 10
Cody Walker 27 FE 20 4
Adam Reynolds 27 HB 16 17
Luke Kelly 28 HB 1 25
Connor Tracey 21 HB DNP DNP
Robbie Farah 33 HK 9 5
Damien Cook 26 HK 17 14
Brad Deitz 22 HK DNP DNP
Sam Burgess 29 LK 23 4
Cameron Murray 19 LK DNP DNP
Thomas Burgess 25 P 19 16
George Burgess 25 P 17 42
Zane Musgrove 21 P 6 49
David Tyrrell 29 P 15 77
Toby Rudolf 21 P DNP DNP
Robbie Rochow 27 SR 8 7
John Sutton 33 SR 12 15
Jason Clark 28 SR 23 37
Kyle Turner 25 SR 23 51
Angus Crichton 21 SR 8 60
Siosifa Talakai 20 SR 3 62
Jack Gosiewski 23 SR 5 80
Anthony Cherrington 29 SR DNP DNP
Brett Greinke 23 SR DNP DNP
Alex Johnston 22 W 18 28
Aaron Gray 23 W 21 33

Strongest 17

1. Greg Inglis
2. Alex Johnston
3. Bryson Goodwin
4. Hymel Hunt
5. Aaron Gray
6. Cody Walker
7. Adam Reynolds
8. George Burgess
9. Robbie Farah
10. Thomas Burgess
11. Robbie Rochow
12. John Sutton
13. Sam Burgess

14. Damien Cook
15. Zane Musgrove
16. Jason Clark
17. Kyle Turner

Close Results Record

Wins: 3

Losses: 4

The Professor’s Prediction

The Rabbitohs have recruited well and got rid of some players hindering the culture. The signing of Farah will add direction to the side while establishing a good foil for the halves. The rest of the side is very similar to the 2016 side and having won the last 4 games of the season – including defeating the eventual premiers – they will be looking to continue to start 2017 where they left off.

One place the side is struggling with is an impact within the forwards beyond the starting side. Turner and Clark have close to 200 first grade games between them yet neither threaten to break the line or provide the meters required from the bench. George Burgess must also rediscover his form from 2014, he was a completely different player last season having little impact.

For the red and green of South Sydney to return to the eight in 2017 they require their forwards to play on the front foot allowing Farah to work his magic with the halves and Inglis. Without this, their impact will be nullified and they won’t find themselves playing finals football. The Professor has struggled to find a place for the Rabbitohs with his prediction having them anywhere from 4th to 13th. Depth will work against them and should injury occur they will greatly suffer more than others.

Verdict – 10th

Your Prediction

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