Gold Coast Titans 2017 Preview

  • Signings & Losses
  • Player Rankings
  • Strongest 17
  • Close Results Record
  • The Professor’s Prediction
  • Your Prediction


Signings & Losses

Losses: Greg Bird (ESL – LK), Nathan Friend (Retired – HK), David Mead (Brisbane – FB), Daniel Mortimer (Cronulla – HK), Cameron Cullen (Manly – HB), Josh Hoffman (Parramatta – C), Nene Macdonald (St George Illawarra – W), Luke Douglas (ESL – P), Zeb Taia (ESL – SR)

The Titans lose 3 players from their 2016 starting backline but have covered them with players above and beyond their losses. Friend and Mortimer are also well replaced with the mid-season recruitment of Nathan Peats. Bird is a big loss on the field but off it his misdemeanors won’t be missed. Taia follows him to the English Super League in a straight exchange for Joe Greenwood. Still plenty of leadership within the forward back. Douglas has been a stalwart for the Titans but is also well replaced. Some talented players have been lost but have more than adequately replaced.

Signings: Jarrod Wallace (Brisbane – P), Kevin Proctor (Melbourne – SR), Dan Sarginson (ESL – C), Daniel Vidot (ESL – W), Joe Greenwood (ESL -SR)

After some outstanding mid-season recruitment in 2016, the Titans have outdone themselves with some superstar signings. Proctor is now an established New Zealand representative and although most players that leave the Storm struggle The Professor can see him raising his game even higher. Wallace is a similar player to Douglas and with age, on his side, he’ll look to push to another level. Then Henry has gone abroad bring 2 England internationals and a WWE failure. Sarginson, although untested in the NRL, he will more than hold his own. Has cemented himself within the England set-up and will look to continue that form at the Titans. Greenwood is a late season signing and it’ll be intesting to see how he covers Taia.

Player Rankings

Player Age 2016 Position 2016 Games Played 2016 Position Rank
Konrad Hurrell 26 C 13 21
Nathan Davis 22 C 8 46
Karl Lawton 22 C 1 49
Dan Sarginson 24 C DNP DNP
William Zillman 31 FB 9 19
Jarryd Hayne 29 FB 6 23
Tyrone Roberts 26 FE 21 16
Ashley Taylor 22 HB 22 15
Kane Elgey 23 HB DNP DNP
Nathan Peats 27 HK 20 13
Ryan Simpkins 29 HK 9 40
Ryan James 26 P 25 7
Agnatius Paasi 26 P 25 35
David Shillington 34 P 11 36
Jarrod Wallace 26 P 26 50
Nathaniel Peteru 25 P 3 69
Kurt Bernard 21 P DNP DNP
Morgan Boyle 21 P DNP DNP
Paterika Vaivai 25 P DNP DNP
Kevin Proctor 28 SR 24 13
Chris McQueen 30 SR 25 47
Leivaha Pulu 27 SR 23 59
Eddy Pettybourne 29 SR 11 71
Joe Greenwood 24 SR DNP DNP
Anthony Don 30 W 22 35
John Olive 21 W 4 37
Daniel Vidot 27 W DNP DNP

Strongest 17

1. Jarryd Hayne
2. Anthony Don
3. Dan Sarginson
4. Konrad Hurrell
5. Daniel Vidot
6. Kane Elgey
7. Ashley Taylor
8. Jarrod Wallace
9. Nathan Peats
10. Ryan James
11. Kevin Proctor
12. Chris McQueen
13. Agnatius Paasi

14. Tyrone Roberts
15. David Shillington
16. Zeb Taia
17. Eddy Pettybourne


Close Results Record

Wins: 4
Losses: 4

The Professor’s Prediction

Verdict – 8th

Your Prediction

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