2017 NRL Season Preview

The Professor has been busy in the offseason breaking down player stats from the previous 3 seasons to give the punters a deeper look into 2017. There are many aspects that go into the success and failure of a NRL side but ultimately the most important component are the players taking the field.

Leading into the 2017 NRL season The Professor will be publishing an article on each NRL team discussing five main topics before giving his predictions for 2017 and asking for yours.

  • Signings & losses: how has each team recruited and are they better off than last season?
  • Player rankings: every player to take the field is 2016 is ranked according to the position they played the majority of the season in. Some of the rankings will surprise you.
  • Strongest 17: the Professor gives his proposed strongest 17.
  • Close results record in 2016: many people believe you create your own luck but The Professor also believes luck doesn’t last forever and teams winning or losing by 6 points or less could experience a change in 2017.
  • Prediction: taking all aspects analysed above into consideration The Professor will give his ladder predictions for the 2017 season.

Be sure to check into the Lab daily to get the most in-depth analysis of for the NRL 2017 season.

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